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Top 4 training mistakes, that are easily avoided

You’re training to get in shape, you want to tone up, get stronger, drop some weight, and build a body that will last into your 50’s, 60’s, and beyond.

You may be making some mistakes that are limiting the progress you’re expecting to see. I won’t lie…I’ve fallen into these traps myself, having worked with and alongside a number of personal trainers I have learned from my mistakes and helped others not make them at all.
Overcoming these common pitfalls could lead to huge breakthroughs and more people paying you compliments on how far you have come, and who doesn’t want that!?
What are the most common training mistakes?

1. Starting Off Too Fast

If you’re coming back from an injury, haven’t trained for a while, or are new to the exercise, you may have the tendency to bite off more than you can chew working with a personal trainer is an excellent way to ensure pacing in control as they will write a program designed for where you are currently.
Doing too much, too soon, could lead to injuries, unnecessary fatigue, and pain, leading for most to the point of giving up and starting the downward spiral all over again. If you really want to take your results to the next level, doing less may do more for your body, try adapting your plan to make sure that you get plenty of rest in between training sessions to get the best results.

2. Relying on Cardio

There are a lot of people who strictly rely on cardio for weight loss, this was popular back in the 80s and 90s, not only is it not practical with our hectic schedules today it’s also far from the best or quickest way to shift some timbre. Building muscle is going to boost your metabolism and give you faster results, this doesn’t mean that cardio isn’t important, it just shouldn’t be the main focus in your workout. Instead, focusing on resistance-based workouts and doing cardio at the end of your session would give you better results.

3. Not Focusing On Your Nutrition

If you’re training hard, but you’re not fueling your body with decent food and you’re eating more than you need, you’re basically negating the impacts of that workout. A proper approach to nutrition is one of the keys to recovering from tough workouts and getting you the results you’re looking for faster. Finding the right diet for you, one that encourages lean proteins, healthy fats, easily-digestible carbs, and complex carbs may take your training and your results to the next level.

4. Listening to the Wrong People

Everyone believes they can be a personal trainer, especially those that have been working out for a long time, but what works for them, may not work for you, this is why you should always seek the help of a professional to design a program that’s appropriate for your age, activity level, medical and exercise history.
People mean well, but it’s best to ignore the wrong advice and implement the right tactics to keep your progress moving in the right direction, If you’re not seeing the results you’re expecting from your training, you could be making some common workout mistakes that are limiting your results, By identifying these mistakes and correcting them can improve your results.
If you find you’re falling victim to the mistakes from above, making some easy corrections may go a long way toward your overall results.

As always, I hope this helped, and if you want to have a chat about whether I or someone from our team can help you reach your goals let me know.

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