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Things Most Personal Trainers Don’t Tell You

When you sign up for personal training, you likely have several things in mind: Getting fit, losing weight, gaining muscle and so on. You see your personal trainer as someone who will push you to achieve your fitness goals faster than you would on your own. 

Training with a personal trainer is also known to be more effective than going at it alone. But before signing up with one, there are certain things that many personal trainers don’t tell their clients.

However, some personal trainers have seen it all, from first-timers to experienced pros who work out every day for years but never seem to get any fitter. 

Here are some things that most personal trainers won’t tell you but should if they care about helping their clients succeed in the long run.


Sometimes Motivation Is Not The Issue 

It’s possible that you are having difficulty being consistent if you haven’t found a workout routine that you enjoy and that suits your needs.

Rather than forcing someone else’s ideal workout schedule or type of workout into your life, focus on finding ways to exercise that you enjoy and that you can fit into your current routine. However, a professional personal trainer will understand their client’s preferences and tailor an exercise routine that the client prefers. 

Doing enjoyable exercises is simple and requires little motivation. Rather than forcing yourself to jog if you find yourself wanting to jump rope. Simply do what you want to do and save yourself a lot of mental effort.


Nutrition Is More Than “Calories In, Calories Out.”

The “calories in versus calories out” model is essential when it comes to weight loss. But all calories are not equal when it comes to your health and the source of calories impacts your hormones and health differently. Certain foods affect various processes in your body differently, regardless of how many calories they contain.

Eating less and exercising more are only part of the picture when it comes to nutrition. When disordered eating is involved, this advice is often given without any context and may be harmful.

Focusing solely on calories consumed/burned to decide whether you’ve been “successful” in a given day is a formula for taking all the fun out of exercise and nutrition.

Despite the fact that health and fitness are much more than the calories-in/calories-out formula, the diet industry wants you to keep buying their low-calorie snacks and trackers. So this narrative will continue to be pushed forward.

We hope you know that there is SO much more to fitness than calories you consume/burn.


Intensity Doesn’t Always Indicate Effectiveness

There are times and places for high-intensity workouts. But you don’t have to be crushed by every workout to make progress toward your fitness goals.

Consider lowering the intensity and focusing on form, learning a new skill, or improving your mobility as overall well-being is extremely beneficial.

You may be prescribed a high-intensity strength training (HIIT) workout plan if you want to lose fat or build muscle. It is a wonderful method to burn calories and build muscle, but it is just one of many different workout methods. 

Adding longer bouts of lower-intensity training sessions not only can aid recovery but can also give some well-needed contrast to your training programme, however, all of the above depends on the time you have, equipment, training history and many other factors.

Not to mention that all of this is underpinned by your body needing time to rest and recover so that it can build muscle and improve its fitness level, in short, a good personal trainer will ask the right questions and build the right programme for your needs, not just get you jumping around because it happens to be on trend.


Weight Loss Doesn’t Have To Be The Only Goal 

When it comes to fitness, we often equate it with having a certain body type, when in reality, everyone can be fit and healthy no matter what form their body takes. We live in a society that is aesthetically oriented, and we tend to negatively judge those with excessive body fat. We incorrectly assume that individuals who are overweight do not exercise and are unhealthy.

In reality, starting an exercise programme is a great way to stay healthy, no matter your weight. No matter how much you weigh, exercise always has advantages.  From looking at before and after pictures, it might seem that weight loss is the only health or fitness accomplishment that matters.

However, having goals unrelated to weight loss is usually more motivating and makes fitness more enjoyable, resulting in better consistency in your fitness efforts.

I hope, this article has provided some useful information, and if you want to know whether I or one of our team can help you reach your fitness goals, please get in touch now.

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