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Tales from a commercial gym! Mobile personal trainer trains local

Tales from a commercial gym! Mobile personal trainer trains local

Yesterday I had a treat in store for me, I got up early and went to my local gym to train (it’s fun to train in other spots from time to time). This particular gym is a lot of fun as they have some kit that I don’t have as I’m a mobile personal trainer. Here comes the but, it’s been a while since I’ve been there and I’d forgotten what this place was like.


Oh, how I was reminded…


I arrived and made my way to the stretch mats to warm up, what did I see right in the middle? Someone practicing only what I could describe as their latest dance moves, well at least that’s what it looked like to me. I’m sure if you asked them they would have told you it was one of their favorite insta fitness gurus’ latest jumpy sweaty “training programs” now I’ve not got anything against doing the odd booty building jumping workout every now and then, but if you’re new to this whole training thing (they very obviously were) then you have no business jumping around like that, your just one move away from something going pop.


I took a deep breath and looked for somewhere else to warm up and as far as the eye could see pretty much everyone else seemed to be doing the same thing, including the class that was being led by a “trainer” wow! Anyway, after my warm-up, I went over to the dark side of the gym where the weights are, hoping to use the squat rack no chance, there was a dude doing bicep curls in there and the bloke next to him seemed to be content dropping his dumbbells from as high as possible and not really doing anything else …


After a good amount of changes to my plan, I got my training done but it left me thinking …Why was the general level of training so bad and why did most people look like they were just trying to move as much as possible without any real idea of why they were doing it? The only conclusion I could come up with was the environment if everyone around you is doing crazy s*%t then crazy s*%t becomes normal.


The same can be said not only for your training but your nutrition too.


Just because someone looks like they are in shape doesn’t mean they know jack and just because your mate Sarah lost a stone doing a juice cleanse doesn’t mean that it’s the way to go either. All that being said I’m not having a go at anyone, in fact, I think it’s great that people are having a go but it reminded me that so many people are just lost and it made me a bit sad to be honest.


I wanted to remind you or let you know that training isn’t just about getting sweaty and hammering yourself until you collapse, there is a time and place for that but honestly, that’s not what most people need.


Here are some easy things that you should focus on instead.

1 – Your nutrition:

losing weight REALLY isn’t done in the gym, it happens in the kitchen. Simply aim to eat whole foods (non-processed) 80% of the time, make sure that half of your plate is filled with veg, that you have a good lean source of protein, carbs and some fats in there too. The other 20% of the time eat whatever you like, go on and have a burger, as long as it’s the exception, not the rule you’ll be just fine.

2 – Your training:

STOP looking at the latest flashy moves that promise the burn extra fat, it’s all shit I promise you. The very best thing you can do is focus on moving better and getting stronger, no getting stronger doesn’t mean getting BIGGER. Learn to squat properly, learn to do push-ups and chin-ups, if you shift the focus from burning fat to getting better at things then not only will your body change shape naturally, you might just find that you enjoy training because you can see how you’re improving or you could simply hire a mobile personal trainer through us and we could make it a whole lot easier.


If reading this made you think… “hmmm it might be time I got some help” then get in touch and see if we are the right team to get you back on the right path.


Contact us now and a mobile personal trainer will give you a callback and arrange a full detailed telephone consultation with one of our personal trainers at no cost to you, to make sure that we are the best team to help you achieve your goals.


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That’s all for today team, I’m rooting for you!