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Reasons Why You Fall Short Of Your Fitness Goals

Why do you stop sticking to your fitness program after starting it with so much passion and a clear drive to reach your fitness goals? 

Let’s face it, no one starts a new fitness program with the intention of failing. We all begin with a positive attitude, eagerness to succeed, and excitement! So why does it keep going wrong?

Sometimes we can’t get back on the horse after falling off. Other times, we have the dream but are unsure of where to begin. Setting a goal and failing to attain it is never fun, no matter the reason.

Although we don’t have statistics on failed fitness resolutions, it’s well known that 80% of New Year’s resolutions fail by February.

Here are a few potential reasons why you might keep dropping off, along with solutions.


Reasons Why Many People Fail To Meet Their Fitness Goals

Your Fitness Goal Is Unattainable

Different people have different fitness goals. You should be fully aware of everything involved in your goal. Be honest with yourself regarding your time, energy, and resources before you establish a goal. 

How many times can you exercise per week? 

Do you have the necessary equipment and the right environment to get it done? 

Are you able to commit to the work needed for the first few weeks to gain some momentum and reach your short-term goals? 

Can you stick to the program consistently so you reach your long-term goals?

Stop Thinking About Fast Results

For fitness goals, the psychology of fast results is particularly intriguing. We will have more chances to reward ourselves along the road if we divide our end goal into smaller more manageable goals, which is fantastic for motivation. 

Make sure there are several intermediate targets along the road for your overall fitness journey. These could include distance runs, weekly workouts, weight loss, or any other measurable outcome. 

Remember to celebrate every small accomplishment it might seem silly but it matters, when embarking on a difficult task it’s the journey and what you will learn, not the goal, that matters!

Not Having a Proper Plan

It takes effort to accomplish a goal. Planning matters, you must have a plan for how all the stages toward your health goals will fit into your life. If you’re busy, time will be a very real barrier, but with some careful planning, you can still smash your fitness goals.

Sit down and think about everything that might get in your way and put together a plan that will combat the issues that you think will come up, when are you going to train? Where? Do you have the right kit? What will you eat? When will you eat it? The list goes on….

It’s Not Your Personal Fitness Goal

It is important to ask, WHY is achieving this fitness goal important to you? You’re less likely to stick with anything if you just saw it on social media and thought you’d give it a go or if you’re just following a friend. Why? because it means nothing to you. If you don’t enjoy running, there’s no use in trying to complete a marathon. 

Make sure the pursuit of your fitness goals is going to be a fun process. Finding a sport or form of exercise you enjoy is essential. 

Additionally, a fitness goal with a strong “why” is the only way you will get what you want out of your efforts. Establish this first and you can then fall back on it whenever things get tough.

Comparing Your Progress With Others

Don’t let doubt and negativity into the game, comparing your situation and progress to someone else is never going to yield a positive result. We all have our own challenges and our own unique starting point, rather than comparing your progress to someone else, try documenting your results and look back on where you started and how far you have come.

Keep your focus and attention on your “why.” the reason why started making changes in the first place. Remember to celebrate even the smallest achievement because progress is progress.


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