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I searched for “personal training near me” I was surprised by what came up.

If you’re searching the internet for a personal trainer, running a search for personal training near me might seem like the most obvious place to start, well at least that’s what I thought. I wanted to find some other great coaches to join us at Riddlock so we could help even more people get great results just like Tory in the video below:



What I found however was a bunch of adverts, advertising boards which I’m sure have some good coaches on there, online coaches, and a few personal trainers sites sprinkled in too. Not what I had hoped for and probably not what you were looking for either, but never fear as I have cobbled some words together below to help you navigate the mire and come out finding the right fitness coach for you.


The reason you’re finding a lot of adverts and not a lot of great coaches.

Online adverts are becoming very cheap to show, so that’s certainly one reason, but I think it’s more down to the fact that the big gyms out there just have bigger budgets to do everything from direct advertising down to making sure that their websites get more views as they have a team of marketers behind them.


I believe this is why there is a gym on every corner but not so many independent personal trainers as it’s much harder to go out on your own and start a small business and get the word out about your good work. Just because someone is coming up at the top of your search doesn’t mean that they are going to be the best fitness coach to help you reach your goals, it simply means they either are great at marketing or have a good team behind them. Make sure you do your research!


The big problem with “online personal trainers”

Using an online personal training program has some advantages like not having to fit into a fitness coaches schedule and often the cost is lower but not always, on the other hand, who’s watching your form when you exercise? Bad form leads to injuries, and substandard

results, and when you’re injured, you can’t work out.


Whether you’re working out at home or in a gym, if you’re using weights, or training with your own body weight, it’s best to have someone to keep an eye on your form especially when you’re learning the ropes. If you’re doing a strength training routine at home, consider hiring a mobile personal trainer. This way, there’s always someone to help you with form. Additionally If you’re lifting heavy weights, having a spotter is a must when you’re learning how to grind out reps.



How to find the best coaches in your area.

Although I still feel that searching for personal training near me could bag you the right fitness coach, there are some other ways to go about things to make sure that you’re only getting in touch with the best personal trainers out there.


Firstly do your research, look at their reviews and testimonials, who do they work with, people just like you, or do they have a completely different type of client base? We work with busy professionals who are over 40 who have let work, socials, and family take over and help them get back to feeling like they did in their 30’s, it’s incredibly rare that we take on clients outside of that demographic as we have worked very hard to understand the common issues they have and have got very good at and enjoy working with those types of people.


Secondly do you like them and their message, are you going to enjoy working with them? If I was in your situation I would take a second and really think about this one as in all likelihood you’re going to spend quite a lot of time with this person, making sure you like them is going to make a difficult process just that little bit easier.



At the end of the day…

You most likely put in personal training near me into google because you’re looking for some help reaching goals, it’s not perhaps as an effective search as I had hoped, however, if you’re willing to put in a little work and of course, I think you should, you WILL find the right guy or girl to help you smash your goals.


Now I didn’t intend for this article to just be a plug for our business but at the same time I would be a little dense if I didn’t mention that we offer bespoke mobile personal training packages for over 40’s in the following suburbs:


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