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Experience the convenience of mobile personal training with Riddlock. Our dedicated coach with over 20 years of experience will guide you towards achieving your fitness goals. With over 60 5-star reviews and features in Gym Owner Monthly, our core values of motivation, convenience, and results are evident in every session. Take the first step towards a healthier you and book a session with Riddlock today.

How Can We Help?

Riddlock Mobile Personal Training is a mobile personal training service provider that offers personalised fitness training at the convenience of the client’s preferred location. Focusing on motivation, comfort, and results, our business aims to help clients achieve their fitness goals by providing tailored workout plans and support from certified personal trainers. The mobile nature of the service eliminates the need for clients to travel to a gym or training facility, thereby making it easier for them to fit fitness into their busy schedules. Additionally, the personalised approach ensures that clients receive individual attention and training tailored to their specific fitness needs and goals. By leveraging these advantages, Riddlock Mobile Personal Training offers a valuable service to clients looking for a convenient and effective way to improve their physical well-being.

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Why Us?

Riddlock Mobile Personal Training is a highly reputable and experienced mobile personal training business in Bulimba. With over 20 years of experience, our business boasts over 60 5-star reviews and has been featured in Gym Owner Monthly. Riddlock Mobile Personal Training is dedicated to providing high-quality coaching services that prioritise the core values of motivation, convenience, and results. We offer comprehensive nutrition guidance alongside personalised training sessions that can be delivered directly to the client’s preferred location. Customers seeking mobile personal training services can expect a professional, knowledgeable, and highly effective approach from us. Therefore, customers should choose our business for their mobile personal training needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Mobile personal training is a service that allows a personal trainer to come to a client’s preferred location, such as their home or office, to provide one-on-one fitness training. This service eliminates the need for clients to travel to a gym or fitness centre for their training sessions.

Mobile personal training offers several benefits, including convenience, personalised attention, and flexibility. Clients can schedule sessions at times that work best for them, and trainers can tailor workouts to meet their specific goals and fitness levels. Additionally, mobile personal training eliminates the need for clients to invest in expensive gym memberships or equipment.

Mobile personal training differs from traditional gym training in several ways. Firstly, mobile personal training offers greater flexibility in scheduling and location. Clients can have their sessions at home, at work, or any other location that suits them. Additionally, mobile personal trainers can provide more personalised attention and guidance, as we can focus solely on the needs of our clients.

Mobile personal training is ideal for clients who want to improve their fitness but may need more time or inclination to go to a gym. It is also an excellent option for clients intimidated by traditional gym settings or who prefer the privacy and comfort of working out in their homes. Mobile personal training is suitable for clients of all ages and fitness levels.

To find a reputable mobile personal trainer, it is essential to do your research. Look for trainers who have professional certifications and extensive experience in the field. Additionally, read reviews and testimonials from previous clients to get a sense of their reputation and the quality of their services. Finally, consider scheduling a consultation or trial session with our trainer to see if we fit your needs and goals.

Riddlock Mobile Personal Training - Motivating Your Fitness Goals in Bulimba

Experienced and dedicated coach

Are you tired of the same old gym routine? Are you ready for a change in your fitness journey? Look only as far as Riddlock Mobile Personal Training, serving the location of Bulimba. Our core value of motivation drives us to help our clients achieve their fitness goals, no matter where they are on their journey.


Our team of experienced and certified personal trainers will come to you, whether it be at home, work, or a local park. We understand that life can get busy, and finding time for the gym can be challenging. That’s why we offer mobile personal training sessions that fit your schedule, making prioritising your health and wellness more accessible.


At Riddlock Mobile Personal Training, motivation is vital to success in any aspect of life. Our trainers use a variety of techniques and training styles to help keep our clients motivated and engaged throughout each session. Whether you want to lose weight, build muscle, or improve your fitness level, our team will create a customised plan tailored to your needs and goals.


As the famous saying goes, “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” At Riddlock Mobile Personal Training, we understand that achieving your fitness goals takes time and dedication. Let us help you stay motivated and on track towards achieving your best self. Contact us today to learn more about our mobile personal training services in Bulimba.

Mobile personal training provides clients the convenience, accountability, and guidance necessary to achieve their fitness goals. The convenience factor is crucial for those with busy schedules who struggle to make time for exercise. A mobile personal trainer can come to the client’s preferred location at home, work, or a nearby park, eliminating the need to commute to a gym. This saves time and makes it easier for clients to fit workouts into their busy lives.

Accountability is another key benefit of mobile personal training. Unlike traditional gym memberships, where clients are left to motivate themselves, a mobile personal trainer holds clients accountable for their fitness goals. Personal trainers provide structure and a plan tailored to each client’s needs, ensuring they stay on track to achieve their goals. This accountability creates a sense of responsibility in clients, motivating them to push through challenging workouts and overcome obstacles.

Guidance is the final pillar of mobile personal training. Personal trainers guide just exercise routines. We also offer nutritional advice and lifestyle coaching, helping clients create healthy habits beyond their workout sessions. This holistic approach ensures clients are making progress towards their goals both inside and outside of the gym. Clients can maintain long-term results and lead healthier lives with ongoing guidance from a personal trainer.

In conclusion, mobile personal training offers clients the convenience of having a trainer come to them, accountability through personalised plans and structure, and guidance beyond just exercise routines. These three pillars help clients achieve their fitness goals and live healthier lives.

Convenience, Accountability, Guidance

Personalised training

Why is Mobile Personal Training Important?

Mobile personal training has become increasingly popular as individuals seek the convenience and flexibility of having a personal trainer come to them rather than go to a gym. But why is mobile personal training so necessary?


Firstly, it allows individuals needing access to a gym or fitness centre to receive professional guidance and support in achieving their fitness goals. This is especially beneficial for those living in rural areas or with limited resources. Additionally, having a personal trainer come to their location can eliminate excuses and increase accountability, as it removes the need for clients to travel and allows for easier scheduling.


However, mobile personal training is about more than just convenience. It also offers a range of benefits that can positively impact an individual’s physical and mental well-being. Research has shown that regular exercise can improve cardiovascular health, strengthen muscles and bones, reduce stress and anxiety, and improve cognitive function. By working with a mobile personal trainer, individuals can receive personalised workout plans tailored to their needs and goals, ensuring maximum effectiveness and safety.

Improved physical health

Reduced stress and anxiety

Increased accountability

Personalised workout plans

The Convenience of Mobile Personal Training for Your Fitness Journey

The Riddlock Mobile Personal Training service provides a unique and convenient option for improving their fitness levels. With the hassle-free benefit of the service coming to your location, achieving a healthier version of yourself has never been easier.

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Furthermore, personal training in your home environment makes individuals feel more comfortable during their workouts. This can lead to improved performance and better results overall. Additionally, with personalised attention from a trained professional, individuals can receive tailored fitness plans that cater to their needs and goals.

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One of the primary advantages of the mobile personal training service is its convenience. This means individuals can schedule their workouts at a time and place that suits them best without travelling to a gym or fitness centre. Additionally, this allows for greater flexibility in accommodating busy schedules, making maintaining a consistent exercise routine easier.


In summary, the benefits of mobile personal training include convenience, flexibility, comfortability, and personalised attention. With Riddlock Mobile Personal Training, individuals can achieve a fitter and healthier version of themselves from the comfort of their own homes.